Göran Hedenstierna

Professor Göran Hedenstierna works at the Department of Clinical Physiology at Uppsala University, Sweden (senior prof since 2008) which holds a Hedenstierna lab and organizes the Hedenstierna symposium. He is *the* authority on atelectasis and gas exchange during anesthesia, authoring Miller’s Anesthesia chapter on “Respiratory Physiology and Pathophysiology ”. The space provided by this entire flyer would not suffice to list his contributions to our profession. He established an animal research laboratory with Ph.D. students and visiting scientists from approximately 20 countries. A PubMed search (March 2019) with his name yields more than 503 references – and counting. We therefore are proud to have this giant in our field lecturer at NAVAt for the fourth time. His energy, genuine interest, witty humor, encouragement, mentorship, expertise and willingness to contribute to NAVAt are major forces that help the organizers drive the NAVAt meeting. This year, we look forward to his lecture “Visualizing atelectasis: ready for prime time?” Has technology evolved up to a point where we might be able to use it intraoperatively to help titrate PEEP and O2? Maybe even build a closed loop?