Julian M. Goldman

Julian M. Goldman studied anesthesiology (with a fellowship in medical device informatics) at the University of Colorado and joined Harvard Medical School (Dpt. of Anesthesia, CCM, and Pain Medicine) at Massachusetts General Hospital in 2002. He advised and/or lectured on computer and information sciences at the National Science Foundation, CDC, FDA, IEEE EMBS (largest international society of biomedical engineers), healthcare standardization and innovation. He received numerous prestigious awards. At NAVAt VII, he will introduce us to the nec plus ultra of closed loops and AI: pre-hospital autonomous casualty care. Imaging having sustained a motor vehicle accident. A flying drone scoops you up within minutes. The interior consists of a host of completely autonomous systems that sedates you, secures your airway, ventilate you, place an IV to volume resuscitates you etc. Fiction – or fact soon? My guarding angels: pre-hospital autonomous casualty care. AI beyond your wildest dreams.