Jaideep Pandit

Jaideep Pandit is consultant anesthesiologist at Oxford University Hospitals, Oxford, UK. He served on numerous boards in numerous positions. He was the Academic Strategy Officer of the Royal College of Anesthetists (2005-7), publishing the National Strategy for Academic Anesthesia; member of the Court of Examiners of the Royal College of Surgeons of England; editor of Anesthesia; member of the Research Council of the National Institute of Academic Anesthesia; and Scientific Officer of the national Difficult Airway Society. In 2014, he published NAP5 on ‘Accidental Awareness during General Anesthesia’ (UK and Ireland), the culmination of a 4-year Royal College project making over 60 recommendations for clinical practice. Can patients indicate whether they are awake if we do not paralyze the muscles of one arm? Let’s find out: “Taking the Auspices: Palm reading for beginners. The isolated fore arm technique.”