Rik Carette

Rik Carette is staff Anesthesiologist at the OLV hospital, Aalst, Belgium and longtime research associate of Jan Hendrickx. Rik studied Medicine at the University of Louvain, Belgium, where he also completed his anesthesiology residency. After a 1 year PKPD modeling fellowship with Jan Hendrickx in the OLV hospital in Aalst (Belgium), he embraced the clinical use of PKPD visualization and monitoring systems. He has been enthusiastically teaching residents about pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics in the operating room. He thrives in “operating room #10”, equipped with the SmartPilot, BIS, qCON/qNOX, ANI , and – recently – the NOL-index. The RUG loop data collection system allows him to collect more data than he ever will be able to analyze and publish. He will explain how he monitors noxious stimuli transmission in the unconscious patient: “Noxiometry – The NOL-index”.